About Us

Herb Fry Water Proofing has over 25 years experience developing and renovating homes. We are expert designers and architects. We built this website for the ‘do-it-yourself’ aficionados. Despite the fact that most homeowners have faced hard time while looking for reliable experts to execute both interior and exterior design, we can assure you to deliver services that are aimed at making your dreams a reality. This is among the reasons that make us stronger and willing to offer services that complement the needs of our clients.

Standing out in this competitive market for the past 25 years cannot be taken for granted, but can be attributed to the persistence and efforts we have put in all our projects. In simpler terms, offering quality services is a secret that has kept referrals coming our way as well as leaving a smile on the faces of all our clients. Our team is ever ready to handle any size and type of project in the arena of both interior and exterior design.

Growth and stability is what keeps our focus concentrated on our good work. We aspire to garner wider market support with time. All our objectives are geared towards ensuring our company grows so as to rank among the best in this market. Part of this objective is catalyzed by service quality and responsiveness to customer needs and queries.

We can brag of both expertise and experience in implementing all your home development needs. Our company is made up of a team of well trained professionals who have served in this market for many years and for this reason they are able to offer the best to all our clients. The many mistakes we have made and different challenges that we have been able to overcome makes us better to serve in home development. It is not in accordance to our policies to walk away from challenges; rather we always brace ourselves to look for new techniques that can help to make our work better.

Time is a factor that every person would like put to consideration when it comes to any form of operations. Our policies respect this need and that is why we are always equipped with modern machines and tools that can help to cut down on time consumption. We aim to work perfectly with due respect to time and at the same time ensuring the level of complexity of the project is addressed. Delivery of materials is done with due consideration to the fact that deadlines are meant to be met. All details that are expected to be followed in a project are followed to the letter and in case of unexpected errors; we always take it as our initiative to put things in order.

It is certain that working with unregistered companies can pose a risk to the actualization of your plans. Well, this is something that has been highlighted in our policies. Our company adheres to all legal procedures and requirements. We have obtained licensing that has enabled us to operate efficiently in this market. All legal issues that arise are resolved easily devoid of unnecessary delays that may inconvenience our clients.

The authenticity of our promises cannot be questioned because our past defines who we are. The best way one can learn about our reliability is to consult with clients we have served before: leaving a flawless finish is what makes us proud. We have a right to brag about that.

How about customer involvement? No need to worry about this. There is direct contact between the client and us to ensure all that is included in the project fits correctly with the needs of the clients. Any questions that arise in the process of handling the project are addressed without delays to ensure work progress is maintained at a steady state.

Different clients have benefited from free guidelines that include do-it-yourself instructions. We do not charge for consultation because our main objective is to see customer satisfaction and contentment. Our website is open for access to all groups of people and we are always ready to cover topics that others would not reveal. For more and detailed information, we recommend you to contact us through our page or you can make a call through our main office to learn more.